Library WiFi

How to join the library Wi-Fi

  1. Make sure that you have read the library's Computing and Internet Use Policy.
  2. Collect a login voucher from the library service counter
  3. Turn Wi-Fi on your device
  4. Among the available WiFi networks select either NLMV1 or NLMV2
  5. Enter the WiFi password. The password will be available on the library noticeboard. Additionally, the following QR code may also be used to join the Wi-Fi network.

NLMV QR code Select WiFi network NLMV2 QR code

How to login to the library WiFi

  1. Once your device is successfully connected, a "Sign into WiFi network" message should be displayed. Click on the message prompt to display the login page.
  2. If the login page does not load please use the following URL: to load the login page manually.
  3. On the login page under Library Users Login, enter the voucher number collected earlier into the Voucher Number field. The voucher number is case-sensitive hence make sure to enter the number properly.
  4. Under the message "I have read and accept National Library's Computing and Internet Use Policy", make sure to tick the check box "I Agree" if you wish to continue with the login process
  5. Click the continue button to login. If the login process was successful a message will be displayed.
Login portal sample

Computing and Internet Use policy

Please read the library's Computing and Internet Use policy. All users who use the library's computing, Internet and electronic facilities must abide by this policy.

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