Library Orientation


Welcome to Qaumee Kuthubukhaanaa — National Library.

Qaumee Kuthubukhaanaa is a government organisation, which is comprised of a national library and a public library. The public library service is divided into two sections. The public library service for children (below 13 years) is located in Maafannu at Children's Multimedia Library premise. The public library service section that caters adult and children above 12 years is located at the National Library in Museum Building A

The library consists of an impressive collection that caters to people from all walks of life.

Library Rules


Patrons should give due respect to the library staff and good conduct and quiet behavior should be adopted in the library.

Patrons should respect the rules and regulations set forth for borrowing and must not cause any damage to the library items. If not, necessary action would be taken according to the seriousness of the matter.

Food & Drinks

For the protection of the books, building, furniture and equipment, the library prohibits the consumption of ANY food within its premises, except a small water bottle.


Smoking is strictly prohibited within library premises

Cell Phone Use

In order to maintian a quiet and respectful reading environment, all cell phones should be set to silent or switched off while they are in the library

If a call must be answered, do so in an isolated area, so you do not disturb other library users.


Patrons should visit the library in clean and proper attire.

Bags and Personal Belongings

Bags and Personal belongings should be left in the lockers

Normal Work Hours

National Collection

Day of Week Opening Hours
Saturday - Thursday 09:15 - 17:30

Public Library

Day of Week Circulation Counter Opening Hours Administration Office (except Saturdays)
Saturday - Thursday 09:15 - 17:45 09:15 - 17:45 08:00 - 14:00

Children's Multimedia Library

Day of Week Circulation Counter Opening Hours
Saturday - Thursday 10:15 - 15:45 10:15 - 15:45

We are CLOSED on Fridays & Public Holidays


Qaumee Kuthubukhaanaa has three main collections : National, Dhivehi and English

The National Collection contains materials about Maldives. The collection is aimed at preserving and maintain the information literary heritage of Maldives. Therefore all materials belonging to this collection are reference only and used for research purpose.

Dhivehi and English collections are the public lending collections. The collections have both fictional and non-fiction materials.

Branch Language Collection Size
National Library Dhivehi 6,940
National Library English 5,594
Children's Library Dhivehi 2,766
Children's Library English 11,273
Public Library Dhivehi 5,703
Public Library English 29,524
Collection size summary
Name Code Color Age Group
Fiction – Dhivehi F–DV none 18+
Fiction – English F–EN none 18+
Islamic Collection – Dhivehi IC–DV
Islamic Collection – English IC–EN
Junior Fiction – Dhivehi JF–DV
10 – 12
Junior Fiction – English JF–EN
10 – 12
Junior Nonfiction – Dhivehi JNF–DV
10 – 12
Junior Nonfiction – English JNF–EN
10 – 12
Kinder Collection – Dhivehi KC–DV
Below 6
Kinder Collection – English KC–EN
Below 6
Library Science Collection LSC none
Nonfiction – Dhivehi NF–DV none 13+
Nonfiction – English NF–EN none 13+
Teen Fiction TF
13 – 19
Young Fiction – Dhivehi YF–DV
6 – 10
Young Fiction – English YF–EN
6 – 10
Young Nonfiction – Dhivehi YNF–DV
6 – 10
Young Nonfiction – English YNF–EN
6 – 10
Library's collections summary

Loan Categories & Spine Labels

The Library's collections have two main loan categories. They are Lending items and Non-Lending items. Lending items may be borrowed by library members. Non-Lending items can only be used within the library.

Branch Resource Type
National Collection Legal Deposit Items
National Collection Items Pre-Legal Deposit Act
Public Library Non-Lending Items
Children's Multimedia Library Non-Lending Items
Public Library Lending Items
Children's Multimedia Library Lending Items
Spine labels used for items in the National Library


Circulation, Membership, Reference, Internet, Photocopying, E-Resources and Referrals


  • A4 (single side): MVR 1
  • A4 (double side): MVR 1.50
  • A3 (single side): MVR 2
  • A3 (double side): MVR 2.50


Applicant is required to submit completed membership form. Membership form is available from here and from library front desk.

Membership form should be submitted along with:

  • 1 x Passport size photo (white background)
  • National ID card copy (Maldivians only)
  • Passport & Work permit copy (Foreigners only)
  • Library registration fee & membership fee
  • Deposit fee (Foreigners only)
  • Applicants under 18 must also submit
    • Parent's or guardian's National ID card copy (Maldivians only) or Passport copy (Foreigners only)

Membership Fee Summary

Membership type Registration fee Membership fee Deposit (Foreigners only)
Junior (below 18) MVR 25 MVR 5 MVR 150
Adult MVR 50 MVR 10 MVR 150
Library fee details

Loan Period

  • Members (aged 13 and above) may checkout 2 books for 21 days* and 1 CD for 7 days*
  • Members (under 13) may checkout 3 books for 21 days* and 1 CD for 7 days*

*The loan period will be counted inclusive of Saturdays, Fridays and Public Holidays. However if the due date falls on a Friday or Public holiday then the due date will be extened until the next library open day without an overdue.


Most items may be renewed once if there are no outstanding requests for that item. High demand or special interest items may not be renewed. You may renew in person or on-line.

Overdue Fines

Overdue fines are charged as follows:

Item type Junior (below 18) Adult
CD MVR 3 per day MVR 3 per day
Book MVR 1 per day MVR 2 per day
Overdue fines details

All overdue fines will be calculated inclusive of Fridays & public holidays.

Computing and Internet facility

Library provides computing and Internet facilites for all library users. Users may use the computer stations provided or may bring their own device and connect to the library's Wi-Fi network.

By using or accessing the library's Computing and Internet facilities all users must abide by the library's Computing and Internet Use policy. For instructions on how to connect to the library's WiFi please read through these instructions.

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